Tips for success for your company

The telecommunications sector is one of the most important in organizations. After all, it is responsible for establishing the internal and external interlocutions, as well as the connectivity with the worldwide computer network.

That’s why good telecom management is fundamental for your company to achieve better results and, using state-of-the-art, cost-effective services, it works properly and with great efficiency.

Check out the following tips to make a great telecom management and make this sector grow together with the company.

Use of telephone exchanges

The use of a telephone switchboard can help your business to considerably reduce telephone costs, especially with regard to customer service. Through it, the responsible manager can have greater control over each of the calls made, identify who made them and their recipients, the duration of each of them, as well as monitor the performance of their attendants in real time.


Automation is a fundamental part of the management of any organizational sector. In telecommunications, this issue becomes even more prominent because it minimizes the occurrence of problems, transforming the sector with great efficiency.

It can be implemented both at the operational level – in specific solutions for fixed or mobile telephony, for the use of network resources – and at the managerial level.

Automation software can, in an automated way, schedule periodic maintenance, perform monthly and annual service audits, check possible uncontrollability on the part of employees, perform reports and graphs of telephone and telecommunications service consumption, providing a more secure database for important decisions on contract modifications, among others.

The use of solutions that are inserted in the context of digital transformation can bring better telecom management and minimize the incidence of errors generated by human failures, making this area more accurate and productive.

Inventory development

To achieve good supervision of the services used in the telecommunications sector, it is essential to know which devices are available, identify the best type of monitoring for each service and perform preventive maintenance regularly, following the demand and guideline of each equipment.

With the development of this inventory it is possible to have greater control over the quality of preventive and corrective maintenance, minimize the risk of problems and defects and ensure the proper functioning of telephone services, Internet, content transmission, among others.

Invoice Audit

Any error in the invoicing of the companies generates problems and extra costs for the organization. That’s why it’s fundamental that, in telecom management, recurrent audits of all invoices are made to verify if there were costs with the implementation of some service that your business did not use, for example.

In case of problems of this nature, the organization should contact the service provider, with the documentation of the services used, registered by the telecom sector, and ask for reimbursement of the items overcharged on the invoices.

Performing this audit is important for your company to pay only what it should and has actually been used. This work can be done either by employees of your business or by third-party companies specialized in this type of service.

Search for more cost-effective business plans

There are several business plans available from specialized telecommunications organizations, each with its benefits and burdens for each board. Often, the company has a contract that may not be beneficial to their needs, i.e. that does not generate an acceptable cost-benefit.

For example, if your company invests much more in mobile than fixed-line telephony, and the contract is focused on underutilized service, your business is wasting money. It would be much more worthwhile to tailor the plan to focus on what the company actually uses, eliminating spending on something that is not fundamental to your organization.

Therefore, observe your business standards regarding the consumption of services of this nature and seek, with the providers, a business telephone plan that is tailored to the needs of your company.

Promote continuous improvements in your telecommunications sector

Good telecom management is responsible for improving internal processes, minimizing bottlenecks and issues that may generate considerable obstacles to the realization of services in this area.

For example, it is possible to improve the network infrastructure to optimize internal connections, as well as the external network, minimizing disconnections and other failures that can generate losses to the business as a whole.

As the telecommunications sector is one of the most strategic and important, applying a methodology of continuous improvement is essential to establish good communication both between internal sectors and with customers, suppliers, stakeholders, among others.

Hire a telecommunications business consultancy

One of the ways to leverage the telecom management in your company is to rely on experts who will be able to better evaluate the current situation of your business, what measures can be implemented to improve results and ensure that your telecommunications sector operates efficiently and with higher quality.

A consultancy will also be able to accelerate the time to obtain the desired results, in a safe way, without compromising the quality of the work performed daily. In addition, it will add new knowledge, bringing new practices, trends, tools and techniques that will help your business, enhancing the efficiency of the telecommunications sector with what is best in the market.

Another point in which a consultancy becomes an important ally is offering subsidies for decision making and solutions – which may not be so obvious to internal managers – to generate significant changes in your business in this area.