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Telephone Management Software

A Telephony Management software is fundamental for your business to grow with more autonomy, scalability and less manual failures.

In addition, the Telecom segment is growing rapidly in the market, especially when it comes to technology.

Data released in 2018 by Transparency Market Research (TMR) showed that the global telephony market will have a valuation of US$ 4.92 billion in 2024.

So, if you want to know what are the most important Telephony Management software for a sustainable business, follow our benchmark!

What Telephony Management software is indispensable for a company?

When we think about technology for telecommunications, we need to highlight that the processes need to be automated.

Moreover, insisting on manual processes, especially in this segment, is a waste of time and money.

Therefore, we highlight here the indispensable partners for those who work with telephony and need a lot of efficiency!

Roaming spend control

Costs with international calls, especially for companies that operate abroad or operate in other countries, can also be very high.

This way, a software can optimize expenses by searching for lower rates for international calls, more complete data plans and SMS triggers.

An example of a company that facilitates this work for your company is Phonetrack, which also has artificial intelligence and data integration direct from CRM.

Customer Service

Online service is one of the biggest pillars of a company that works with telephone services.

In addition, all customer support and the relationship and CX (Customer Experience) part needs special attention, since we are talking about fully digital business.

For this reason, having partners such as Zendesk, who give visibility to calls, allow the monitoring of SLA’s of attendance and facilitate the routine work of the team is essential.

Team Optimization

Strategic management of people is also a point worth highlighting, since IT, security and product development teams need a lot of visibility within the workflow.

With this in mind, Navita has been in the market for 17 years to reduce costs in the corporate mobility market in Brazil.

In addition, the company’s platform aggregates cloud cost management, logistics and team time and productivity management.


Having an inventory inside the company is one of the biggest points of attention, because this is where a team can identify errors and points of improvement.

Inside an inventory, there are the calls made and the data registered. In the same way, we see the history of what was discussed and even visualize scenarios that allow the prevention of problems.

A Telephony Management software that audits is that of the H&S auditing company, which also promises to help companies reduce call costs and optimize other processes.

In addition, another advantage of the company is the identification of offending users. They can track who they are, where they are and how much they are using telecom resources.

With this, you have much more visibility to manage the day to day of the business, with more autonomy and optimized processes.

Automation and payment management

Our latest Telephony Management software is linked to one of the most sensitive parts of a company in this segment.

We know that businesses linked to telecommunications have a natural fit with recurrence and usually charge their customers through plans, monthly fees and subscriptions.

Thus, having a platform that can offer a complete solution to automate this subscription management can free you from a lot of waste of money and time.

In addition, making manual charges in the long term is unsustainable. With the growth of your company, collecting customers and receiving them on time must be your priority.

That’s why Vindi has been in the market for seven years and is already part of the history of more than 6,000 companies with the most complete payment and collection management platform to meet your needs.

With our platform, you have financial reports in real time, you can register your customers and link plans to them according to your sales model.

In the same way, you can also create an efficient collection rule, which significantly reduces your default rates.

With our platform, you have all the advantages of multi-acquisition, besides being able to offer various forms of payment and sell much more!

In addition, our features are designed to give more autonomy to your financial team and give you more peace of mind in this very important moment of your business.

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