Application for telecommunication company

Meeting emergency demands is up to you! Who lives today without internet? Being very dramatic, can we survive without connection? No, it’s not! Individuals and companies are inserted forever in the digital world. And this is where you come in! Repairing and installing new possibilities and opportunities for people. With this, using an application for a telecommunication company is the most assertive decision your service provider will make in recent times.

Let’s justify it soon. We know that you are a busy person and you can’t waste time by having to focus on your external team management.

According to projections from International Data Corporation (IDC), the telecom market should grow 4.9%, in investments and Information Technology, It is quite a fact if we analyze the whole economic history of the country. More than this growth, the digital transformation is happening faster and faster. The reflection of this is more people using technology, which will certainly need repair, and consequently, from you.

Is your company ready to meet all this demand? You know, you’ve left a customer in your hand, you lost, playboy! Your competitor can be prepared and using new features that make his day to day easier.

To not be left out of this growing niche and become the telecom guy in your city or even in your state, depending on your range of visits, is very simple. Today, the application for telecommunication company, developed exclusively for providers with external teams, facilitates all the management and increases productivity.

Who uses the application for telecom company?

The technician is the professional who will have the application installed on the smartphone. But the benefits extend to the manager and the client. All are contemplated. And then, what is it used for?

Let’s unveil the secret now! Stop a minute and find in 10 seconds the answer to the question: what’s the main problem of managing your external team?

If you know the location of your technicians, the application solves it! And it also considerably reduces the links with the famous phrase: Where is my technician? What time does he arrive? With a map on your screen, you can have a view of all your technicians at the same time. Without having a screen for each professional, as in the image below.

This is just one of the features of the external team management system, which integrates two modules, an application for the technician and a software in the manager’s notebook or computer. But you can have an application for the manager as well.

Paper expenses with work order?

Was that your answer? That was in the last decade. As you work with telecom, more than any other segment, you know that technology makes people’s lives easier. And the digital work order is the most agile and practical way for you and your team to fulfill the demands of the visit, without printing a single paper.

The technician fills out the check-list of activities performed. So that you can have a real vision, in this video we teach you how to fill this type of order: How to fill out a service order. The client receives the document by e-mail with everything that was done during the visit.

No matter how many technicians your external team has, knowing the activity that is being performed and the take-off time between one visit and another is a challenge. We at Field know that this is a very common problem in telecommunication companies, due to the great demand for calls, especially in times of storms and heavy rains.

We haven’t even introduced ourselves yet, but that system also has the following integration between technicians and managers. As it is difficult to imagine what it would be like, we show you in the image below. This screen can be consulted at any time, as well as the client’s map. Both are available in the system, like the digital service orders, which are issued at each call.

What is the advantage of all this?

How many questions do you have in this text, right? But the answer to all of them Field Control gives you. And we still have more features to present you. These are the main ones, which were mapped according to the more than 500 companies that use our system, which has the same name: Field Control.

We created a blue whole world so that you can navigate and improve your management, with returns of economy, practicality and solution of the problems most faced by managers all over Brazil. And the technicians too. They who are in charge of the visits and are part of all the motivation of the company to exist, need to be added.

As we want you to really prove and feel our facilities right now, we will give you a free trial. Not those with deception. Nor do we ask for your card number at the time of registration. If doubts arise, we are online to fulfill our purpose. So, are you coming with us?